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Chris Perrotta

BlackRock Aiming to Enter Crypto?

2018-07-16 0 Chris

BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager, has created a working group to determine if they shoul...

Cryptocurrencies Will Be Mainstream In 10 Years?

2018-07-10 0 Chris

Imperial College London and eToro believe their research shows cryptocurrencies can become mainstrea...

"Unified Regulations" Will Lead To Adoption

2018-07-08 0 Chris

South Korea promotes favorable "unified regulations" to G20 members regarding cryptocurrency use, tr...

Thailand Makes the Classification of Cryptocurrencies Simple

2018-07-03 0 Chris

Thailand writes two new laws in order to simplify the classification of cryptocurries; currencies if... Stock Raises 12.5% After Cryptocurrency Deal Is Struck

2018-06-30 0 Chris's stock rose 12.5% as their subsidiary, tZero (a security token exchange), agrees to d...

Malta Lives Up to its Nickname "Blockchain Island"

2018-06-29 0 Chris

Malta's Parliament unanimously voted in three cryptocurrency bills to "regulate the use of blockchai...

Coinbase should add XRP, says Brad Garlinghouse CEO of Ripple

2018-06-25 0 Chris

CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, in an interview with Fortune at CB Insights Future of Fintech conf...

The Ghost of Mt. Gox Is Done Haunting the World...For Now

2018-06-23 0 Chris

Tokoyo District Court allows Mt. Gox to stop selling BTC and BCH for the time being. Hopefully, in t...

Circle Publishes Their Asset Framework

2018-06-20 0 Chris

Circle publishes framework for releasing new assets on their platforms. The criteria categories are ...

Bug Discovered in ICON (ICX) Smart Contract

2018-06-17 0 Chris

A bug was found in ICX that allows anyone to initiate the proccess of the upcoming ICX main net toke...