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Criminals No Longer Use Bitcoin. Now Speculators Do

Lilita Infante, a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration special agent from Cyber Investigative Task Force, claims that criminals have fallen out love with crypto. According to her, BTC is now less used for malicious purposes and more — for speculation, writes BTC transactions have long been associated with the criminal world. Thus, it has been […]

EOS Is Done Moving Ether From Their ICO Wallet

EOS ran a 355-day ICO and raised about 4 billion dollars’ worth of Ethereum. According to Etherscan, EOS has removed the last bit of Ether from their ICO wallet address yesterday. This is significant news for Ethereum, because if EOS is selling the ETH for fiat, it may be almost over. This wallet has just […]

The People’s Bank of China: Positive Stance On Blockchain Technology And Digital Currency

The People’s Bank of China’s (PBoC) chairman, Zhou Xiaochuan, recognize that the development of digital currency is “inevitable”. When asked if the central bank considered using blockchain technology for digital currency, Zhou Xiaochuan said in an exclusive interview with Caixin Weekly: “The technologies of digital currency can be divided into two types: account-based and non-account-based. […]

Podcast Ep. 9

Jeff, Matt and Candace are back at it again for a quick current day review of the U.S. Senate’s SEC hearing on Cryptocurrency!

Podcast Ep. 8

This is Episode 8 of the Altcoin Buzz Podcast. In today’s episode, Candace interviews Altcoin Buzz’s Dr. G on the psychological tendencies most crypto investors are exhibiting when they’re involved in the market. Also, some sound advice to take the edge off if you’re struggling with the dips and volatility.

Podcast Ep. 7

This is Episode 7 of the Altcoin Buzz Podcast. Matt, Zack and Philip talk about an assortment of new and exciting current projects, coins and tokens they have personal interest in! They also share some informative and positive news for our viewers.

Podcast Ep. 6

This is Episode 6 of the Altcoin Buzz Podcast. In this episode Candace, Matt, Zack and Andre discuss cryptocurrency and it’s impact on developing countries. Also, Matt bets bitcoin on a challenge towards its viewership.

Podcast Ep. 5

Welcome to the fifth crypto podcast for Altcoin Buzz. It today’s we kick off today’s video by Jeff and Matt talking about some positive aspects of crypto and showing people that the market cap is still strong even with all the controversy.