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Google Bans Crypto Mining Apps On Play Store

Google has updated its policy for Play Store, mining apps are no longer welcome. The new policy introduces new restrictions for apps as it attempts to make the Google Play Store a safer place for Android users. Google doesn’t allow apps that mine cryptocurrencies on devices, but they allow apps that remotely manage the mining of […]

“Unified Regulations” Will Lead To Adoption

South Korea promotes favorable “unified regulations” to G20 members regarding cryptocurrency use, trading, and adoption of blockchain technologies. According to The Korea Times, South Korea is promoting “unified regulations” of cryptocurrencies among all G20 countries in their upcoming meeting. They intend to be the country paving the way for favorable regulations regarding cryptocurrency use, trading, […]

South Korea May Lift ICO Ban

The backlash to South Korea’s blanket ICO ban continues as the National Assembly officially proposes legalization of domestic ICOs. The South Korean National Assembly banned all initial coin offerings (ICOs) in September last year. This was unfortunate news for many projects looking to get started, since South Korea is home to a significant portion of […]

Bitcoin and the Unbanked – How Can They Buy BTC Without a Bank Account?

Bitcoin can save the unbanked population of the world by granting financial freedom and legislation. However, there seems to be a catch 22 when we talk about this, how can those people buy Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency? This article is in response to a comment on one of Matthew’s News videos, in which he featured my […]

Bitmain Makes Major Pivot Towards AI – Saying AI Could Make Up 40% Of It’s Revenue In 5 Years

Bitmain, the World Leader in Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware, wants to expand its reach to artificial intelligence (AI). Bitmain is the undisputed world leader when it comes to cryptocurrency mining hardware. According to Bernstein Research, Bitmain made between $3 to $4 Billion in profits in 2017, controlling 80% of the crypto-mining market. It may come as […]

As the Royal Wedding Approaches Prince Charles is the Unwilling Face of an Alleged Cryptocurrency Scam

An alleged new cryptocurrency scam has been discovered, using the faces of Prince Charles and Jennifer Aniston but bizarrely randomly generated names. A Houston based operation called ‘Wind Wide Coin’ has been hit by a cease-and-desist order this week by the Texas State Security Board. If the name wasn’t bad enough the Texan Board has […]

NEO Teams up With Venture Firms and Developers to Create .neo Wallet Addresses

NewEconoLabs (NEL) announced recently that they are partnering with Neo Global Capital (NGC) and Fenbushi Capital, for Neo’s Name Service Project (NNS). NEO Global Capital is the venture capital arm of the NEO foundation, that focusses on blockchain investments. It has been a key contributor to projects such as Ontology, Trinity and Zilliqa. The main […]

India’s Supreme Court decides: ‘Ban on Crypto Services Stays, For Now.’

This week, the Supreme Court of India refused a request for a temporary injunction against restrictions imposed on banks regarding cryptocurrency. The restrictions, put in place by the Reserve Bank of India, the RBI, include a ‘ban’ on crypto services, which now will remain in place at least until the formal hearing. Reserve Bank of […]

Zimbabwe Bans Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Trading in Another Blow to African Blockchain Advocates

The reserve bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has ordered all financial institutions in the country to immediately stop trading or transacting in cryptocurrencies. Norman Mataruka, the registrar of banking institutions said that these measures were to protect the safety and soundness of the country’s financial system. The central bank gave financial institutions 60 days to liquidate […]

Cryptocurrency Donations of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) Fight Homelessness in San Francisco

A Charity in San Francisco recently raised over $14 million to fight homelessness. The donations included Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, showing that mainstream adoption of digital currencies is on the rise. The donations were attained at a charity gala on May 3rd, hosted by the charity Tipping Point Community. The guest list included some huge […]