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Circle Publishes Their Asset Framework

Circle publishes framework for releasing new assets on their platforms. The criteria categories are fundamentals, technology, people, business model, and market dynamics. In addition, they also announce that they refuse to accept money to list an asset and all added assets must pass a legal review. Circle published a framework of questions used in determining […]

Renewable Energy Company In Quebec Gets Overwhelmed by Crypto-mining Demand

Earlier this month, Bloomberg published an article that discussed developments with an electricity generating company that was dealing with “unprecedented” energy demand from crypto-mining firms. The company, called Hydro-Quebec, had been trying to get the attention of crypto miners since it would allow them to use surplus energy from electric generating dams in northern Quebec. […]

SafeHaven is Moving to the VeChainThor Blockchain

VeChain Foundation has announced that SafeHaven will switch from the Ethereum blockchain to the VeChainThor blockchain. The company states that it has reviewed SafeHaven’s technology, network, and background and sees “true value added to our platform by working together in partnership. This partnership will allow users access to a host of necessary solutions for continuity.” It is rumored that […]

CIA on the Identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, “Can neither confirm nor deny”

The search for ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ intensifies after news about a CIA statement started to circulate on the internet. Since 2008, the identity of the legendary creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto has been discussed.  A recent blog post by motherboard says that “The CIA can neither confirm nor deny’ it has documents on Satoshi Nakamoto”. The CIA […]

Is Hashflare Cloud Mining About To Pull An Exit Scam?

At the moment, users of HashFlare’s cloud mining services are worried that the company may be preparing to pull an exit scam. This is because the daily payouts are now below the maintenance fee, so users are not making any returns on their investments anymore. This development comes after the mining difficulty increased by 14% […]

Bug Discovered in ICON (ICX) Smart Contract

A bug was found in ICX that allows anyone to initiate the proccess of the upcoming ICX main net token swap. Min Kim, Foundation Council member, has announced a temporary solution is in place and a permanent solution has started and is expected to be completed shortly. About 3:30 PST on Friday, a Reddit poster […]

Blockchain Answers Kenyan Entrepreneurs’ Prayers

A blockchain-based app, Twiga, helps small and medium business in Kenya to get money for pumping their businesses. “My prayers have been answered,” says Janeffer Wacheke, a fresh-vegetable seller, who is using the technology, writes Bloomberg. The problem can be largely narrowed to the fact that Kenyan banks have “trouble measuring the creditworthiness of traders in the country’s […]

Missoula County Postpones Decision on Cryptocurrency Mining Ban

A county in Montana is currently trying to decide if it should impose a cryptocurrency mining ban. Large cryptocurrency mining operations have targeted the Pacific Northwest for both its cool climate and its cheap electricity costs. These benefits are sought after by cryptocurrency miners since cool climates help keep computers from overheating, and low electricity costs […]

Banks Spent 1.7B USD On Blockchain in 2017

Blockchain adoption among banks and financial institutions up 67 percent from 2016. According to Greenwich Associates market intelligence, the total spending for blockchain in the financial sector rose by 67 percent in 2017 with a total of $1.7 billion. The study shows that one in ten of the banks now reporting blockchain budgets in excess of $10,000,000. Fourteen percent […]

Western Union Not Happy with Results From Its XRP Trial

The Western Union Company is an American financial services company. They performed a trial using Ripple’s xRapid blockchain tech and are not satisfied with what they are seeing. Western Union is the largest money transfer service in the world. The service shocked the crypto world in February this year when it announced that it would […]