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Circle Publishes Their Asset Framework

Circle publishes framework for releasing new assets on their platforms. The criteria categories are fundamentals, technology, people, business model, and market dynamics. In addition, they also announce that they refuse to accept money to list an asset and all added assets must pass a legal review. Circle published a framework of questions used in determining […]

Renewable Energy Company In Quebec Gets Overwhelmed by Crypto-mining Demand

Earlier this month, Bloomberg published an article that discussed developments with an electricity generating company that was dealing with “unprecedented” energy demand from crypto-mining firms. The company, called Hydro-Quebec, had been trying to get the attention of crypto miners since it would allow them to use surplus energy from electric generating dams in northern Quebec. […]

Is Hashflare Cloud Mining About To Pull An Exit Scam?

At the moment, users of HashFlare’s cloud mining services are worried that the company may be preparing to pull an exit scam. This is because the daily payouts are now below the maintenance fee, so users are not making any returns on their investments anymore. This development comes after the mining difficulty increased by 14% […]

Missoula County Postpones Decision on Cryptocurrency Mining Ban

A county in Montana is currently trying to decide if it should impose a cryptocurrency mining ban. Large cryptocurrency mining operations have targeted the Pacific Northwest for both its cool climate and its cheap electricity costs. These benefits are sought after by cryptocurrency miners since cool climates help keep computers from overheating, and low electricity costs […]

Western Union Not Happy with Results From Its XRP Trial

The Western Union Company is an American financial services company. They performed a trial using Ripple’s xRapid blockchain tech and are not satisfied with what they are seeing. Western Union is the largest money transfer service in the world. The service shocked the crypto world in February this year when it announced that it would […]

Ethereum Not A Security, the SEC confirms

William Hinman, SEC director of corporate finance, confirmed during Yahoo! All Markets Summit, that Ethereum is not a security, reports Yahoo Market. And neither is Bitcoin. Particularly, the official told the audience that the agency which he represents, “doesn’t see a lot of value in treating ether today as a security,” explaining that the fact that there is no […]

Will Coinbase’s Index Fund Attract New Institutional Money?

Coinbase releases Coinbase Index Fund which allows U.S. accredited investors the opportunity to purchase all of the available assets on the platform based on the current weighted market capitalization. Future assets will be re-balanced into this fund at time of listing. Coinbase announced the release of Coinbase Index Fund in a Medium post on June […]

Passports on the Blockchain

Mandar G. Chaphalkar, Senior Technology Architect at Infosys, discusses whether it is possible to use blockchain for passport identification and cross-border traveling.”Maybe this is how the passport of the future looks like?” he asks. Chaphalkar mentions the case of British tourists who in 2015 went to Turkey only to discover that their e-visas were fake. They went […]

German Financial Authority Taking Innovation-Minded Approach to Crypto Regulation

Recent announcements from the German Financial Authority have proved that the organization realizes blockchain’s innovative potential and does not want to inhibit growth with regulation. Recently, Felix Hufeld, the President of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority in Germany (BaFin), said that BaFin’s goal for cryptocurrency regulation is to protect financial stability, not individuals. BaFin’s role in […]

EU Wants You To Ask More About Blockchain

The European Union, the world’s largest trading bloc, has announced that on the 18th of June, 6 pm CEST, it will hold an Ask Me Anything session about blockchain. The high-level event will be organized by the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum, an initiative of one of the EU’s lawmaking bodies, the European Commission (EC), and is […]